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Q. Is this coverage available in all states?
A. Yes, it is!

Q. What are my options for coverage limits?
A. Target offers you three options:
       1. $300,000 Each Claim / $300,000 Aggregate per Policy Term
       2. $500,000 Each Claim / $500,000 Aggregate per Policy Term
       3. $1Million Each Claim / $1Million Aggregate per Policy Term

Q. How long does it take to get proof of coverage (Coverage Certificate)?
A. Two answers to this question:

  1. If you take advantage of our online application, you can print a Coverage Certificate as soon as your payment is received. Your policy will follow via email within a week.
  2. If you mail your application to us, we'll send your Coverage Certificate right after review and approval. Receipt can take up to 5 days.
  3. Q. Do you offer Prior Acts Coverage?
    A. Yes, when you submit proof of continuous coverage, we offer Prior Acts as far back as 2010. For an explanation of Prior Acts Coverage, please see Coverage Descriptions.

    Q. What does "Claims Made Policy" mean?
    A. When a policy is "claims made and reported," all claims must be reported to the insurance company's claims department while coverage is in force (i.e., during the policy term: effective date through expiration date). You can request a copy of Target's claims made policy for Appraisers by sending us an email.

          For information about reporting a claim related to an existing policy,
          please click to Report A Claim.